Thu | Dec 7, 2023

‘Tinkin toe’ ice cream for the summer

Published:Wednesday | June 29, 2022 | 12:10 AM


I think there is a market for the botanical roots ice cream, or more popularly known as the Jamaican’ tinkin toe’.

Quite an unflattering name for a delicacy such as ice cream, but the Jamaican tinkin toe is an exception, with its dry powder locked within a milky quality as soft and pleasant as the delicate lick of a premium ice cream.

It would be an earthy, nutty divergence, like a cross between the chocolate almond and other fruity nuts.

In spite of the name, lovers of tinkin toe are not deterred from breaking the nuts for the tasteful nuggets nestling within. If this nut were to be promoted into the world of ice cream flavours, it would no doubt cut new frontiers through the summer times and beyond.