Mon | Aug 8, 2022

Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | July 1, 2022 | 12:05 AM

The prosecution is to seek the death penalty for 23-year-old Rushane Barnett, who has been charged with the murder of his cousins – a mother and her four children – in Cocoa Piece, Clarendon. Their throats were slashed. What are your thoughts?

The full extent of the law must be carried out, as in the death penalty. He must pay the ultimate price for this heinous crime! - @judy_schoenbein

If he does rightfully receive the death penalty, will they follow through and put him to death? Or will he be imprisoned and fed and live? What real deterrent is there for a heinous crime other than a stint in the jailhouse? Hang him, make it open to the public? – mi_nuh_kno

I have zero faith in the DPP. Though the death penalty will not happen, I say give him life. Make an example of this man. The criminals in Jamaica do not fear the claws of Jamaica’s laws. Slam them harshly. We have to start from somewhere. – @willryanwilson

The first dem ever come with something weh mek sense. – @choco_latte_his_snack

Hope this is a lesson to the rest of heartless men out there. – @bossladybimma

The prosecution is taking the correct path. He should be given the death sentence. – @roycunningham559

If the death penalty was in place all along, maybe all those innocent lives would not be taken away because the killers would think twice. – Michael Johnson

Anyone who would deliberately take another life, especially innocent people in such a brutal way, I don’t see how they deserve anything but the death penalty. – Holly Tabron

If this case doesn’t warrant the death penalty then get rid of this punishment. – Marlon Fearon

What is the point if the government isn’t going to actually kill him? A death penalty sentence without the actual death is just life in prison with different words. Build an electric chair, purchase some lethal injections, or even a gallows will do. Just actually DO something! – Kayla Joy Morgan

If the death penalty were in place all these years those who commit murders would think twice before committing them. If a person took a life without it being proven that it is self-defence then that person should pay with their own life. It’s time for the government to stop playing and start acting on behalf of all those innocent lives that don’t seem to matter to those criminals. – Maye Johnson

My thought is at some point boundaries have to be drawn. A message have to be send so that anyone else thinking of being a copycat will think about what will happen to them also and every cold hearted and cold blooded murderers should face the same. This is a wake-up call. – Osbourne Small

The best news out of Jamaica for decades now and it should not only apply to Rushane Barnett, but to many others. – Melissa Wilson