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Rename roads and streets after local heroes

Published:Tuesday | August 2, 2022 | 12:06 AM


Congratulations to the people of Jamaica on their remarkable achievements over the years. As the nation moves forward and celebrated another Emancipation Day yesterday, and will celebrate the 60th Independence Day on August 6, one must reflect on the hard work and sacrifices of many people who made these days happen. We should recognise those trailblazers.

After all, Jamaica did not ‘pop out of box’ in 1962; it earned its Independence from colonial rule. The nation had a history of ordinary folks ambitiously forging ahead to keep not only our ‘heads above the water’. but to make the nation progress.

Many of those people were from humble backgrounds with big ideas for their families, communities and the country. Unfortunately, many have passed on and their hard work has never been recognised. Can some of these community stalwarts be remembered by renaming a street or a road, a community or a school in their honour?

Jamaica was under 300 years of British colonialism. Some of the streets and districts still carry names of people from that era, and I am sure that a lot of Jamaicans are clueless on who these people were.

Jamaica remains a nation of people largely of African descent. During my years in high school in Jamaica, we were not taught about our history or origins of slavery. Most of us still carry the names of those who owned our ancestors during slavery.

So as we turn the corner and think of becoming a democratic republic, it would be wonderful to see the names of some of our local heroes being recognised. This will not only be a mark of respect and honour, but also immortalise their names in the minds of generations to come.

Let us not forget – we likkle but we tallawah!


Brooklyn, New York