Sat | Dec 9, 2023

Jamaica, land of my birth

Published:Wednesday | August 3, 2022 | 12:10 AM


Of all the places on Earth, I am so thankful Jamaica is the land of my birth. Just knowing this empowers me and fills me with self-worth.

One cannot blame me if I am tempted to brag, but the colours that make up the Jamaican flag – the black, the green and the gold – make it the most beautiful of all the countries.

Our diverse cultures, merging as if surgically fused – the food, the music, dance and sports – have left the egos of many First-World countries bruised.

Out of many yet we are one: it is this template of unity that makes half our battles already won. We have a rich history of calling out unfair treatment and grievous wrongs, such as Michael Manley with eloquent speeches and Bob Marley with reggae songs.

Yes, how could I forget our indigenous exotic food; like a magic potion, it alters our mood. Nothing compares to our mannish water and curry goat, and chicken back and ackee in the summer when we used to run boat. Not to mention the mackerel rundown and blue drawers, and the boiled peppered crab with its white succulent meat hidden in the claws.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the rum cake and the crimson rich sorrel. Let’s not forget the love sent from foreign gift-wrapped and shipped in many a barrel.

Jamaica is famous for its beautiful women and charming men and for having the most churches per square capita. Not to mention dances like the Kumina, Quadrille, Brukins, Dinki-mini and the Maypole – traditionally performed at festival time by both the young and old.

When all is said and done, Jamaica is an island of undiluted fun.

The hospitality of our people, our beautiful beaches and the warm Caribbean sun make our island the number one destination of choice.

Let us proudly sing our National Anthem in a unified voice.