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Readers’ reactions – Windalco may face financial penalty for deadly river pollution

Published:Friday | August 5, 2022 | 12:07 AM

@matthewsamuda we don’t need any threats and any strong-arming from you and your friends, we want to see actual action! Not empty platitudes that only seek to demonstrate your ability to fling your political influence around, we need change! – @Ngai_Sunn333

While @matthewsamuda is at it he needs to explain those 150,000 “biodegradeable” balloons used in float at parade on Emancipation Day. What are guidelines for their disposal and how is this being monitored? – @denjamdown

Waiting with a “baited” breath 2 see if @matthewsamuda accomplishes this. Will it be more #blahblahblah or the “turning of the tide”. – @brownin007

This happens way too regularly, when once is already too much. The fact that the caption suggests that they “may” face a financial penalty is not very comforting. – @beagle__19

A fine is just the cost of doing business to rich people. – @id0rkable

I get echoes of Flint, Michigan when I see this story. – @stuartsmellie

Bauxite mining’s effect on the health of people and the environment ... what’s the actual cost of “development” for these communities? Any longitudinal studies? Willing to bet observation would reveal certain health outcomes clear as day. – @garveygirl

Maybe local companies in the more environmentally exploitive industries should be made to provide sustainability and corporate governance reports advising the public of a standard set of indicators. Failure to meet or back-pedalling on certain indicators could lead to $ penalties. – @shellzie

A question to the technocrats in regard to fish kill in Rio Cobre. Have we educated the public on how spill system works at the bauxite plant (ponds)? How can it be fix? Should people fish in a river where industrial effluent is released frequently after certain rain events. – @RoostersWorldja

This has been going on for soooo long. I remember this used to happen when I was in high school. Decades ago! – @lifeofajamaican

I appreciate how sir @matthewsamuda is on this situation. – @LATOYAW95274510

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter page. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel