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Published:Tuesday | August 9, 2022 | 12:06 AM

Over $43 spent for CHOGM attendance and Johnson Smith’s C’wealth campaign


While hardworking civil servants are struggling to make ends meet. – @mishdgemini

So mi think dem did claim seh she did have some special interest people a sponsor her campaign ... so how now a JA foot the bill..smh..yuh think dem people yah easy. – @dwight_big_d

I’m sure she used her own money. The Government would never waste tax payers’ money they are very honest and trustworthy. – @iwillwait_love

Let’s not even talk about the budget for the Ja 60th celebration. But dat is a different convo. – @itzpheonix4u


Considering we are a struggling nation with so many needs locally, I don’t believe we have the luxury of spending monies foolishly on things that might not be of much benefit to us in the long run. We have enough presence on the world stage already if that was the thinking. All that money could be used in our hospitals and schools. – @Salome Paul

Whilst this was happening 14 students from my Council Division were denied much needed tablets & laptops that were promised to them due to lack of funds from the Ministry of Finance – @WestchesterDivisionCouncillor

Big up Kamina, $43 million was expended on and for you. Yet the government could not give the amazing Sunshine Girls any financial support. Government badness continues to show prosperity is for the selected few. This is another wanton waste of taxpayer’s money. – @Edu Barn

I salute this government for spending the big bucks on their people and emptying the pockets of the poor and then claim seh they are for the poor and yet still can’t come up with a reasonable figure to pay the public sector. Big up to you government in exercising modern day slavery on the poor and then talk about independence. – @Princess Lizzy


Government says they don’t have money to pay the police, teachers, and nurses. But they could find that much money to pay for one person’s political aspirations. – @Loverturejim

We have money for this when: Some schools are still without reliable internet service and other resources. Many teachers still work less than $2m a year! Studies show that 2/3 of Jamaicans cannot afford to eat a healthy meal. – @DeatriciaMing

Was is worth it considering how many laptop and tablets could be in the hands of school students. – @RalstonCh

- Compiled by Kashauna Atkins