Sun | Oct 2, 2022

The police must do better

Published:Friday | August 19, 2022 | 12:07 AM


My 80-odd year-old neighbour, who lives a few houses from me, returned home a few days ago after living in the United States for the last four years. He suffers from a leg ailment and is not able to walk property. Recently, he hired someone to come to do household chores. My neighbour has reason to believe that the said person stole US$1,000 from his luggage. He went to the Constant Spring Police Station to report the theft. He was told that he needed to go to the Duhaney Park Police Station to report the crime.

I find it unhelpful for a police station to decline to take a report of theft because the crime was committed in another police jurisdiction. Especially given the fact that the complainant is a senior citizen and has mobility issues. Can’t the commissioner of police issue a directive that this inconvenience must stop? Couldn’t the Constant Spring police have received the report and forwarded it to the Duhaney Park Police Station? Is there no Internet link between the two police stations in this day and age?

I think the Jamaica Constabulary Force must do better than that.