Wed | Sep 28, 2022

Don’t come down too hard on Dr Chang

Published:Tuesday | September 20, 2022 | 12:06 AM


I am asking those who are upset with Dr Horace Chang’s statement, about “shoot to kill”, should not come down on him too hard. This is because the Bible says that “the thief comes to kill and to destroy’’; 99 per cent of the time, these thugs are kicking down people’s doors and shooting them to death.

When there is a shoot out between gunmen and the police and armed forces, they shoot to kill them; so shouldn’t our police and armed forces also do the same – shoot to kill them, too? Of course. If we were getting rid of them they would not repeat their crimes. So it is better to get rid of these dangerous gunmen once and for all, because prevention is better than cure.

Haven’t we heard about the attacks on the police and soldiers by these gunmen? From the moment they engage the police in a gun battle, their only objective is to shoot to kill. A lot of people have died, and are dying by these people and their guns.

Dr Chang also said that there is a large sum of money being spent in order to keep these monsters locked up? I think they should be put away, once and for all. I agree with Dr Chang’s statement.