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Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | September 23, 2022 | 12:06 AM

On September 18, Mark Golding addressed his first annual conference as president of the People’s National Party. What are your thoughts on his statement that the party is now “strong and united”? Responses are from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Unity is not words, its action. Mark must take his head out of the sand. – @CalvinC42722136

If him a take the Manley stance, which is democratic socialism of a republic, him have to focus on the whole a we, seen! No divide and conquer nonsense. – @RalstonCh

No Unity. The Risers are together. The one PNP huddled together. – @Beverle00901996

No actions to back his statement, hence word is wind. – @LATOYAW95274510

Based on what I saw on TV I have to agree with him. – @JaFireSword

An opinion is just that, an opinion. – @mariaparkinson2

It’s an accurate assessment. Genuine comrades are united behind the duly elected leader of the party. Comrades are excited and committed to unity. – @OnPointPress_

It is delusional, false. – @MaroonSpirit21

To be fair to him, he gained a few points with his speech. May not win over the pessimist or the independent, but I’m sure he won over a few old comrades who thought ill of him before. – @your_sexii_trendz

He clearly is a comedian. Nuff jokes. – @real__876

Yes, he is right. – @buen.o432

Based on the huge turnout I believe with all my heart that the PNP party is heading for greatness, unity is strength. – Alethea Fearon

Agree with Mr Golding; there is a positive vibes coming from the party. Some of the negatives I have heard in the media, seems like some members have ‘belly’ a carry for Mr. Golding. Very, very toxic indeed. – Josie Parchment

Absolute nonsense, plus with Lisa Hanna gone their chances which were already slim have gone from little to none. – Johnson D’shane

It’s not true at this time, but every true democracy needs a strong opposition. – Eric Mcintosh

Being strong and united doesn’t mean that there won’t be weak links and dissensions. Hence, for me, the support shown at conference shows that there are more in favour of unity and the rebuilding process than those who are against. Time come to move forward. – Ava Mundell

One of the best PNP conferences in a long time. – Washington Rodney Radcliff

Sunday is proof that his statement is factual. – Reverton Bailey

Mark Golding does not know what it is to be United. – Narval Williamson

Positive feedback from your own supporters is quite different from feedback from the undecided. There was some good messaging, however, the PNP has made made promises in the past which have not come to pass. – Bruce Whyte