Sun | Dec 10, 2023

No leniency for criminals

Published:Saturday | September 24, 2022 | 12:06 AM


The results are in, the consensus was taken, crime and violence is destroying Jamaica. It has become evident that criminal elements have taken a position to stand and be brave against the law and the innocent. When criminals wantonly open fire on a group of defenceless spectators, it speaks volumes in a little island like Jamaica. However, the responses to incidences of this nature are more telling than the incidences themselves. Case in point, the minister of national security is being nailed to the cross with a rope around his neck for a statement he made about the treatment of criminals by the police.

Rights groups and big shot King’s counsels have been chastising the minister and calling for a retraction of the statement. It is ironic that there is a silent night when criminals play God but John Crow come down to voice their disapproval of any attempts to stifle criminality. The most recent criminal attack was in the Spring Village community in St Catherine where nine people were shot and three killed. Days before, a two-year-old girl was burnt to death because of the actions of criminals who murdered her stepfather and torched their house. Two men were killed in a drive-by in Manchester; two men killed because they refused to give their hard-earned Benjamin to lazy criminals. The incidents pile up.

The question is asked, what is the mandate of the rights group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)? Are they married to criminals for better or for worse? Do you have to be a celebrity for JFJ to plan a protest? Does a shooting have to involve the security forces for JFJ to have a voice?

How is it that there is so much leniency for criminals? They can murder people in broad daylight but then get reduced sentences. On the other hand, the victims of their actions have to live with the void these criminals created, for the rest of their lives. Mr Chuck should not be the one being chastised, it should be criminals. Cut him some slack!