Sun | Dec 3, 2023

Kamina Johnson Smith for national security portfolio

Published:Thursday | September 29, 2022 | 12:06 AM


Prime Minister Andrew Holness in January of this year, for his administration’s first Cabinet reshuffle, promised that he will have another one this year. Many at that time thought Deputy Prime Minister Dr Horace Chang was going to be replaced. It is clear that most elected representatives don’t want the job of national security, because it’s a career-ending job, especially if you have ambition to lead.

The number one issue for this administration is crime and they need to get serious by getting new leadership. Horace Chang is security minister over four years now and I don’t see his impact on decreasing murders. I strongly believe that Horace Chang could lead the water, land, housing and urban renewal portfolio at the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, or give those portfolios their own ministry for Chang to lead.


I am now of the belief that a senator is more suitable to lead the security ministry because they aren’t elected, hence don’t have to deal with questionable characters if they were a representative. Also, the security forces and private sector will more likely work with a senator than an elected representative, especially if that person’s constituency is prone to crime and violence. The current Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson could be appointed to the Senate and make him lead national security, or appoint former Army Chief of Staff Rocky Meade to the Senate. Of the current government senators, three are already in the Cabinet and Holness could likely let one of them head that ministry. Matthew Samuda is deputy leader of government business in the Senate and a former minister without portfolio at national security for nearly two years. My issue with Matthew Samuda is that communication alone can’t run that ministry. Aubyn Hill is deputy president of the Senate and minister for industry, investments and commerce. Truth be told, Aubyn Hill is not a fit at national security. So, the most obvious choice as national security minister from the Senate is leader of government business Kamina Johnson Smith, the current foreign affairs and foreign trade minister. She’s a trusted ally of Prime Minister Andrew Holness. Our international partners and private sector will work with her because they trust her integrity. Otherwise from communication, she’s good at policies and at leading.

If Kamina Johnson Smith heads to national security, that means Aubyn Hill would head to foreign affairs and foreign trade and Fayval Williams to industry, investments and commerce. Horace Chang would head water, land, housing and urban renewal, while Floyd Green would be promoted as our new education minister.