Wed | Nov 29, 2023

Connectivity is crucial – be it football or governance

Published:Saturday | October 1, 2022 | 12:07 AM


I was watching the recent football match between the Reggae Boyz and the team from Argentina which was very instructive. Although I was rooting for the Jamaican team, I couldn’t help being mesmerised by the way Messi and the other Argentinian players were in command of the ball. There was an orchestration of sorts, an ongoing connectivity, one to another with precision.

Reading the newspapers and watching the news on TV in the wake of the passing of Tropical Storm Ian, it was evident that connectivity at all levels of government agencies was missing in terms of preparedness. Prior to Ian’s dumping heavy rains, we heard the bold statement by government officials that necessary structures were all in readiness. However, the flooding of areas and homes as a result of poor infrastructure: the drains and gullies not cleared of overgrowth — all were a clear indication that we were not ready. Perhaps there was a lack of connectivity between all pertinent officials concerned, and so complacency had perhaps set in.

All of this calls into question a lack of connectivity between the parochial municipal corporations and the ministry responsible for local government. Connectivity based on truth is necessary. The same applies to other perennial social problems such as the unhealthy accumulation of garbage that leads to the ill health of persons who then bring more pressure to bear on the health institutions. Connectivity is crucial both for the Reggae Boyz and for government.

Littering of our gullies with garbage and plastic containers leads to the pollution of our sea, which in turn affects our fishing industry. We fail to connect our actions to the result we desire, a healthier and beautiful Jamaica. This connectivity, if practised, could see a much-needed efficiency in and among all government agencies.

What’s in a football game? Lessons on connectivity and consequences for our lives and for a better and healthier Jamaica, the land we love!