Sun | Dec 4, 2022

Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | October 7, 2022 | 12:05 AM

Question: A 16-year-old Kingston Technical student died last week after an altercation at school with another student. What programmes would you like implemented in schools to curb violence? Responses are from Twitter and Instagram.

As part of the medical needed for school, maybe some form of (consented) psychological test could also be done to pick up on possible signs of behaviour not conducive to the classroom. Then a programme could be implemented to resolve any burning issues.

– @slidemongoose

What about programmes in the home first then schools. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Everyone needs to do their part for there to be change. Can’t be left on one set of people at all times.

– @whoii2022

Mandatory anger management and conflict resolution classes as a start.

– @TalkPatois

More fathers in the home. Corruption within the Jamaica Constabulary Force and police system need to stop. Music about gun violence and kili kili and contract killing need to stop.

– @ja_doIIy

Metal detectors, actual security, parents who actually do their jobs.

– @breeze876

Begin from the home. We need parenting programmes that are mandatory for certain groups with problematic children and even those that give no trouble. Parents and children alike should be held accountable. The community needs to get back on board. Where did the village go? Our society has become a carefree one. We cannot even correct children again because we may end up getting killed by the child. What manner of nation operates like this?

– @willryanwilson

A comprehensive wellness programme that includes understanding emotional intelligence, stress and anger management, conflict resolution skills, goal setting, no technology day – electronic devices completely off. Exercise classes including yoga, stretching and deep breathing. And the list goes on. One thing is sure, we have to think out of the box and help our children see a different version of themselves.

– @lynchopal

Start a parenting programme and let troubled students do online classes until they value face-to-face class.

– @butter_me_scalp

Assign two police officers at the schools.

– @lionsnlioness

Get them involved in mentorship programmes. Every grade has mandatory community service, one-and-one counselling for each student at least once monthly. Many children have no one to talk to.

– @michalgothicangel

Jamaican students grow rough. The schools need mentors, someone apart from the teachers they can go to about [and share] their feelings. Someone who gains the confidence and trust of the student and protect that student without making them uncomfortable. Bullying going on in school not much people you can talk to. Teachers are there to teach not handle other matters concerning the student.

– @buen.o432