Wed | Feb 1, 2023

Mobile phone-controlled cars should be developed

Published:Saturday | October 8, 2022 | 12:05 AM


With technology evolving into almost every area of human life, I believe travelling by cars could be positively impacted and improved.

For instance, one foresees where many will be able to use a mobile phone to drive a self-driven car.. The idea is that you use your phone to start your car, and navigate traffic just as you would if you were physically around the steering wheel. Thus, you would be able to accelerate, slow down, brake or negotiate corners or potholes by using your phone. You can use phone video to track your vehicle, but get updates on traffic.

If you should run red light the ticket would then be sent to your mobile number. The benefits of such a system would be tremendous and immeasurable. Say, for example, you want to run an errand, or go shopping at the supermarket or elsewhere, you’re not up to the stress of waiting in traffic, you’d simply do online shopping, inform the supermarket that a dark blue car will be at the kerb in a few minutes to pick up your items. You then would use you phone to open the trunk, as your groceries are put in there, and then you self-drive the car back home.

Wouldn’t that be a great technological boost to driving?


Mount Vernon

New York