Sat | Dec 10, 2022

Tolerance is key to prosperity in Zimbabwe

Published:Saturday | November 19, 2022 | 12:06 AM


It is traumatising to see that Zimbabweans are getting impatient and losing their tolerance as the government of Zimbabwe continues to fail the people and does not take kindly to those who have different views to the ruling party ZANU-PF.

Because of intolerance in Zimbabwe, political uncertainty remains high – violent crimes such as assault, smash and grabs, home invasions, and arbitrary arrests, have become common. There is selective application and weaponisation of the law, persecution by prosecution, pre-trial incarceration and denial of bail for many.

The opposition party argues that ZANU-PF is using dialogue to present itself in a conciliatory light while it continues to treat its opponents brutally. The Zimbabwean government has also coerced and manipulated the media so that it engages in indoctrination rather than critical journalism.

Zimbabweans may be distressed by their country’s plight, but that distress does not outweigh the value of survival.

Loyalty to the ruling party is frequently forced, and the police is overwhelmingly partisan in its punishments. The ZANU-PF government has brought about mayhem in Zimbabwe and the future is bleak for citizens with this incorrigible political party ZANU-PF and its regime in power.

Zimbabweans should all vote against ZANU-PF overwhelmingly rather than running away to other countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and others.


Citizens’ Coalition for

Change Activist