Wed | Nov 30, 2022

Gratitude to Grants Pen Police Station

Published:Monday | November 21, 2022 | 12:05 AM


Often, we forget to say thanks to those who help us out. I am would like to thank Sergeant Taylor and the desk officer who were on duty at Grants Pen Police Station. On November 16, around 3 or 4 p.m., I stumbled across a friend who appeared to have been in a mild coma. I was told that he was sleeping on the stool for about three hours. I asked if anyone tried to wake him, and the response was that he was difficult to wake. I tried to revive him, but he was not responding. When I checked his pulse, it may have been so low I could not feel it. He was cold. I cannot say I did not panic, but I was confident that the police would help because I have requested and receive similar assistance for a chronically ill person from the very same station.

I spoke to the desk officer and he alerted the station sergeant, who immediately gave the instructions, “Let’s go…” My heart was warmed by his quick response.

I must also give thanks to those members of the community who rallied to assist, and also his friend, ‘Country’, who accompanied him to the hospital. The gentleman was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was cared for and later allowed to go home.

I felt strongly to share this story with the public. Nuff respect fi di two police brethren. My grandmother would say, your kindness will be a passport to a good life.

One love.