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Letter of the Day | Get more youngsters to appreciate agriculture

Published:Tuesday | November 22, 2022 | 12:07 AM


I am writing with reference to the news in The Gleaner of November 14 titled ‘Thank you, Jesus, I ketch a goat’. It was a refreshing deviation from accounts of young people involved in all kinds of nefarious activities.

Minard Estate is to be congratulated for getting students involved in the cow and goat scramble at their Livestock Show and Beef Festival. I feel Benjamin Richards’ pain at not being able to purchase more than one rabbit. Annakay Campbell’s joy was palpable, and it is good that her two friends could share in her undiluted joy.

Young people who are involved in industrious activities are not going to join gangs, and they stand a fair chance of succeeding in life. The dedicated, but underpaid, teachers are also to be commended. A friend of mine spoke of seeing buses with students from Bellefield and Belair High in Manchester. She didn’t immediately realise what was happening, but she later saw the buses lined up on the Minard compound.

The Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show, the Hague Show, the Montpelier Show and the St Mary Agri-Expo provide many learning opportunities for our students and the general population. Years ago, I saw a student from Holmwood Technical taking notes at the Hague Agricultural Show. It was such a beautiful picture!

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, I am hoping more such initiatives are put in place. May these shows continue and more young people be involved and appreciate agriculture.