Wed | Nov 30, 2022

Readers’ reactions

Published:Tuesday | November 22, 2022 | 12:07 AM

Over 90 guns turned over in amnesty, says Holness

“[There are] 900 more to go.”

– @Mlstephenson1

“Well you need a lot more.”

– @kimmy_braids_and_more

“No sah, that was quick Andrew!”

– @highlyblessandfavoured

“Thousands more out there. Get them, Mr PM. Ain’t no stoppin it now.”

– @readyjuke

“So, can I go to bed with my door open now?”

– @doufitzgerald

“Why the public can’t see any pictures?”

– @andre___876

“These politicians just tell them supporters what they want to hear. This morning, Chang seh 80; by afternoon PM seh over 90, like unu can fool people.”

– @marlon8539

“How much paid out?”

– @derrick_muir1971

“Over 90 ... why [is it] when these politicians [are] talking they never give an actual number. Ova 90, what number is that?”

– @pebbles_sewell

“Are those guns from persons who ‘av not renewed their licences or who the FLA has not given ‘em clearance? Any 90 is 90.”

– @m_naa_laaaf

“Jamaicans are last-minute [doers], so if it’s true I’m not surprised by the jump in number.”

– @cassanova_protoje

“Excuse me, but how many [guns] enter the island in a month?”

– @lcmagencyco

“Amazing how the number jumps to 90 in time for party conference. It was 20 last week!”

– @jamaicantillidie

“Knowing how they can advertise every time an illegal gun is seized by law enforcement, how is it when it’s brought voluntarily it was never shown to say, this gun was handed over to police? Where is the collective photo of all the 90 guns?”

– @lcplsmithd

“Currently talking to some friends to start a GoFundMe to make this movement more effective and enticing for the Christmas holidays. If the Minister of National Security is open to the idea of US$100 per gun, please let me [find them]. No strings attached.”

– @duane_duane1974

“We all know that Jamaicans wait until the last minute.”

– @thatchfield

“I don’t believe this one bit; if unu get two, maybe a two weh nu good. KMT.”

– Michelle Ebanks

“How many times Jamaica going to try this? Hope it helps this time; but it not good when murderer get away. Mr PM, get tougher and let the thugs them. [Give] life [sentence] for all guns crime. It simple. U r the leader.”

– Rudolph Campbell

“We want a better break down than this. For example, what types, calibre, etc.” – Dean Daley

– Reactions are from The Gleaner’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel