Sat | Dec 3, 2022

What is ‘Unlimited’, Flow?

Published:Wednesday | November 23, 2022 | 12:15 AM


It is most unfortunate that Flow only seems to act when reputable news outlets like The Gleaner give customers a voice to get our service provider to do its job.

I, too, have no alternative but to share this letter about my severe disappointment with Flow’s Unlimited Savings Plan.

After purchasing the plan three weeks in a row, I can now conclude that it is really not unlimited. On every occasion my megabytes finished early, despite only using WhatsApp and other social media apps when I am not on home Wi-Fi.

The first seven-day plan finished in three days. The next seven-day plan lasted an extra day, but I think that was because I was home a lot on Wi-Fi during the period of unstable weather.

I spent about an hour on the phone with a Flow customer service agent, who was very good at defending her company by saying that the plan was indeed unlimited, although she could not give a reasonable explanation as to why I ran out of megabytes.

Despite this, I activated the plan again because the ad was really convincing and I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it another try.

Well, this time was the worst: after only two days of using the service I ran out of data and couldn’t make any calls because those minutes were also not unlimited.

My livelihood depends on having reliable internet and minutes to keep in touch with my customers, and after hyping up this plan, Flow has once again disappointed me.

What’s the point of offering unlimited anything if when we need the service it does not work? I don’t understand why in 2022 we are still being deceived by Flow.

Moreover, how is Flow still able to get away with taking our hard-earned money and then dropping the ball time and time again?

Flow, please tell me, what does “Unlimited” mean?