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Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | November 25, 2022 | 12:06 AM

$30b prison on table – Developer floats pricey proposal; DBJ to assess project viability

“Another high-security prison is needed but not on the island, [but] on one of our cays, similar to Rikers Island. This prison should NOT be built by a Jamaican company, let the Chinese build it. It will be done to specifications and within the assigned budget and time.” – @PrimPrimrosr

“If GOJ needs a $30b prison, they don’t send out a bid? Just one person in the world happens to know their requirements and specifications, and that they need such a prison? This is past ridiculous @HoraceChangJM.” – @gurujammy

“Is Hartlands, St Catherine, GOJ- or privately owned land?” – @M_Sceptre

“Why would the Government be looking favourable at an unsolicited proposal for a prison? There is a clear need for a new, modern prison, and the GOJ has acknowledged this from waay, waay back then, so why not go the route of a public tender? This is cause for concern.” – @MLarristonNow

“Prison? How are they gonna profit from this?” – @kannbarbie

“We don’t need more prisons!” – @AnthonBerns

“Whenever the term ‘unsolicited’ is used by this Government I get concerned.” – @LenroyJames

“There’s a myriad of well-needed, sensitive, crime-fighting equipment and materials these $ can be spent on and leave change. I guarantee [that the] fighting of crime will be far advance and successful with the appropriate spending of these funds.” – @IsaacLFCtaylor

“So tell me why is the Development Bank of Jamaica the one reviewing the proposal to build a prison in Jamaica?” – @Tahjmahal6

“Why not a school? From primary to high school. Modernised w/everything top-shelf; even teacher, faculty and support staff paid top tier. [They are] treating Jamaica like it is a penal colony that needs to be punished for not being profitable enough to colonisers. – @MrR3N01

“Whilst there isn’t a modern trauma hospital with a burn unit to treat critical cases.” – @PunkeyPye

“Sadly, we desperately need a new prison, and a new national morgue as well. The prisons we have are mostly built from colonial days, crumbling and bursting at the seams. Maximum security means maximum dollars, ppl. Not sure it would cost $30 billion, but it will be really expensive.” – @A_Dat_Now

“Imagine having $30b and forecasting the best business to throw it at for future returns. In Jamaica, it’s a prison. I seems like a solid idea, with our trajectory.” – @TheMacVillan

“Man a build a castle fe him and him bredren dem.” – @King_Bubbly

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