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Published:Friday | December 2, 2022 | 12:08 AM

‘NHT has no business building $30m units’

This conversation and proposal is long overdue, esp given the mandate of NHT. Instead of throwing a tantrum about SOE, implement a workable and realistic solution for housing for every income bracket. Increase the loan amount. Everyone should own a home! – @Roxan_Lew

Limit should be at least $10m. Loans and prices of houses need to correlate! – @DKAstrology

Actually they should reduce it. Force the housing market to be consistent with incomes in Jamaica. First-world house prices in a country with third-world income levels is an absurdity that helps to fuel corruption in the society. – @BinnyJetsYaad

How can a person earn less than US$3000 for an entire year and have any hope of owning a home? [What about] standard of living? The real estate market is so bougie, quoting property prices in US dollars, this cannot be to attract locals. – @Lady_Mlesa

I don’t think the issue should be $30m units; NHT’s profit margin should not be the same as private contractors selling apartments. The limit increase proposal is definitely not new and for some reason they continue to ignore it. – @Tahjmahal6

House of Lords, aka Senate, naah guh pass dat bill masah. Yuh betta gwaan buy two block n steel n fine a corner uppa waah hillside n rest yuh body. – @KingzManESO

Nobody in this country can think two steps ahead. Increasing the loan limit sounds good at first, until you realise that people are just going to up the price on the house, which will mean another increase in a loan limit, which will cause people to up the price again. – @Ric13397024

I fully support this comment. NHT is not and was not put in place for the rich, it’s for the regular man to own a home, not for the rich and [their] friends to buy and rent [it] back to the poor. – @LingsworthE

Youth parliamentarians have more sense than the actual politicians. – @jayjaygoddess

In another few years, when entry prices in the “good” areas in Kingston are $50 and $60 million, we going to look back on opinions like this and cry. – @ja_cynic

NHT, ah nuh fi low income persons? Wasn’t that the whole idea? Why build $30 million units when [loan] applicants barely qualify for $8 million? Make it make sense. – @JoJoNae

Very pure intentions but the fact is no matter how flexible NHT becomes, we can’t control the prices of building materials, especially when we import majority of it. – @rhicoinc

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