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Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | December 9, 2022 | 12:28 AM

SOEs reimposed in several parishes

“I have argued for nationwide SOE. Piecemeal impositions have failed to deliver expected outcomes. Twelve years of appalling failure and without any plan for the future. Time for change, PM.” – @Anthony66372214

“Any advice the police give, a deh suh mi deh! Dem must know more than all who a chat off dem face.” – @Kwame10Khan

“Anju a try desperately to slow/stop the murder figures from passing last year’s numbers.” – @noelomar

“SOE is the new norm for Jamaica. PM @AndrewHolnessJM is determined that crime will not pay, and criminals bent on disorder and chaos will not prevail.” – @Rnevin4Nevin

“Jamaica has entered into a permanent state of emergency.” – @public_archive

“Treating the symptoms instead of addressing the problems. Tiring.” – @gillie_cee

“Now, fast-track new prison with proper rehabilitation programmes.” – @LodricAtkinson

“As obnoxious as he seems, you have to give credit to Andrew for calling this. All over the world the rich are free, while the poor are told over and over you need to ‘suspend your rights’ or ‘give up some freedoms’. Get rich or become a slave is the motto, it seems. – @mansa876

“The one-trick pony at it again [and] SOE their only answer. After four years of SOEs, the guns remain in the hands of the criminals. A failed policy [and an] ineffective tool.” – @LambertBrownJa

“This is what should have been done from day one; simply reimpose after expiration, since they think it’s such a good tool.” – @vaewest

“Manchester should be added to the SOE on a smaller scale. Places like Green Vale, border of Clarendon and Manchester, in those bushes, and St Bess. Should have a small command post to catch the spillover from those parishes. Because these criminals end up in deep rural areas. The police and Government refuse to use data that is accessible to them to inform their practices. Rural communities don’t always see ppl through the lens of criminality, it is present but not pronounced. Hence why I don’t agree in using the same lens to fight crime in urban spaces to fight crime in rural spaces. We want a crime-fighting plan that correlates with the landscape and lifestyle of ppl who live in rural communities. We need equity in the disbursement of funds and human resource when it comes on to crime-fighting.” – @tdotrebel

“He’s determined that this is his only option. Why can’t the ZOSO be used, especially with the social intervention programmes? SOE’s cannot be it.” –

“Give the power to a regular everyday man and see if crime no cut drastically; all SOE do is cause traffic pan traffic. KMT.” – @odetteneedham

Responses are from The Gleaner’s Twitter and Instagram pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.