Sun | Feb 5, 2023

Letter of the Day | Develop pride about our heritage

Published:Friday | January 20, 2023 | 12:36 AM


I am writing with reference to the article ‘Disneyfication’ of Devon House compromises heritage, by Patricia Green in In Focus of January 15. It is a great article, but Dr Green may be swimming against the tide.

Jamaicans need to develop a pride about their heritage and the achievements of the past are worth celebrating. The cultural focus determining our future is patterning ourselves against foreign cultures mainly of the West.

I long to see us create signposts that outperform the rest of the world but with an image, values and standards that we can call typically Jamaican. This is true in our music, culinary and social cultures. In the sporting arena we outrun the rest of the world not just because we are faster, but because of our unique competitive and training methods which the rest of the world is being attracted to.

We can use architecture to reflect the culture and values of our people, but it will demand much education across the nation to give us a sense of pride in the uniqueness of our achievements.

Thanks, Dr Green, for educating us with the wealth of your researched knowledge and the practical exposure to our historical past.

Hopefully, the other professional fields such as law, health, education and politics must take up this challenge. My prayer is that our commitment to the National Anthem will result in the answer “Grant true wisdom from above, justice, truth be ours forever…”