Fri | Feb 3, 2023

Jamaica should not shun monarchy

Published:Monday | January 23, 2023 | 12:37 AM


As a Canadian citizen, I am dismayed at the recent push towards republicanism in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. Yes, the history of the Crown is inextricably tied to slavery and colonisation, but it is also linked to the abolition of slavery and to the birth of democracy and freedom across all the former British colonies. This is the duality of the monarchy, which makes it worth preserving as a historic institution.

The Commonwealth countries emerged from the period of decolonisation as equals, with a stake in each other’s success and the friendship that befits mature nations. We preserved our ties to the Crown as a uniting element, instead of retreating into national pride.

We can continue down this path together. In the name of our shared history, let us resist the trend towards ever-greater fragmentation across our societies. Jamaica can forge its own path and fulfil its goals as an independent society without getting rid of its heritage.