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Published:Tuesday | January 24, 2023 | 12:21 AM

‘Bolt’s name never came up’ – Former CEOs say they were unaware track star was a client of SSL

“Then this nuh sound good; then what exactly were they doing while on the job, playing golf?”

– @sweetjarose

“Beginning to wonder if Bolt invested in the ownership of SSL, rather than as a client investor? Doubtful, but just a thought.”

– @wfcr50

“He could be telling the truth. It could also mean maybe during his tenure ntn like this occurred. Remember, CEOs depend on their directors and principals for certain info. So something can slide pass.”

– @PrettyDiverBee

“Bolt’s manager, we need to have a word, sir.”

– @jrshattaG

“So, today’s episode is called ‘It wasn’t me’.”

– @Kanai14

“And the plot has thickened.”

– @CosmoStph32

“Is who Bolt give the money to put in SSL?”

– @Smokingrum1

“And that says it all. A blue-chip client with the size of his investment, and you say you don’t know? Unicorns are real!”

– @Seokjinsmyheart

“I used to work for a Fortune 500 company and every time a client signed up for more than a (US)$1,000 package, the executives all were made aware and celebrated by opening a bottle a champagne. You expect me to believe the CEOs or other executives were unaware of their biggest account?”

– @Legendaryl876W

“This is getting spookier by the day. R we to believe that an individual has over USD8m-plus invested with a Jamaican company and the CEO is not aware? Who, what, where? Unless the funds did not reach SSL in the first place. Cue the X-Files theme.”

– @ErrolJohnson18

“I can’t imagine how our @usainbolt must be feeling right about now. Bringing joy to countless millions over the years, only to be robbed by your very own black, green and gold. #whereisboltsmoney?”

– @1grafixking

“So where is Bolt’s money, and who took it? Was it never at SSL? Jesus, this not looking good.”

– @Nyema49218525

“This strains credulity, it is one thing not to be aware of the fraud; it is another not to know who has the biggest portfolios at your wealth management firm. The full truth needs to be known.”

– @GamilCoke

“Wherever y’all put the man’s money, go get it. This story just keeps getting wilder!”

– @writtenbyraven

“Someone somewhere is lying through their teeth, and I hope the investigation goes all the way to the bitter end, no matter who gets exposed.” – @geoffmarsh

“His hands can be clean of the crime, but this is garbage.” – @Di__krytik

“So when yuh tek the job & guh work, [on] day one yuh nuh ask for a list of your high net-worth clients? Bcuz ah nuh dem yuh wah keep happy & continuing to invest? Don’t u get a list of all clients and funds under each relationship/portfolio manager to see all the assets they’re managing?” – @keepliving876

“This story gets even more disturbing as the ten-day clock keeps ticking.” – @SimplyMeXO20

“Dis might actually be the dumbest way to clear your name.” – @educruff

“When do we get a statement from Hugh Croskery?” – @berchellwhitemn

– Reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter page. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.