Thu | Dec 7, 2023

Letter of the Day | Fix unjust motor vehicle insurance policies

Published:Friday | January 27, 2023 | 12:25 AM


There is a great injustice been meted out to motor vehicle owners. As everyone, or most of us, know, there are many accidents that occur daily on our roads. Most of these accidents are caused by less careful drivers.

However, no matter how carefully one drives, accidents do happen. The injustice occurs when someone hits the vehicle that is being driven by a careful driver, and is told by his or her insurer that he or she must bear part of the cost to fix his or her vehicle. Why must an innocent motorist repair the vehicle that is damaged in an accident by someone else? How much of the cost to repair the vehicle must he or she stand? Not less than 10 per cent of the verified value of his or her vehicle. Here is an example.

A vehicle that is valued and insured for $7 million, the first charge to the insured is 10 per cent or $700,000. In this case the insured would have to stand the cost of the repairs as it might not amount to that much. Whatever the value of the vehicle, when someone hits this person’s vehicle, why should the full cost of the repairs not be the responsibility of the bad driver or his insurer? Where is the justice? Or should that continue to be ‘just-it’? This has been the way insurance companies operate.

An intelligent mind and a heart with moral quality work together to produce the conscience. Which of these are we devoid of in this matter? It is certainly hoped that not all of us reach that stage.

Is denying an insured full recovery from the damaged caused by another driver to his or her vehicle justice? Where is the justice when someone’s vehicle is hit in the rear or in the side by a dangerous and reckless driver, told by the insurance company that he or she must stand a portion of the cost of the repair bill to his or her vehicle? What is the purpose of insurance?

This matter needs urgent attention; it is causing great anxiety, inconvenience and hardship to the innocent victims. Hence, insurance companies are hereby asked to adjust this unreasonable and unkind policy. I crave your indulgence and ask that you attend to this matter urgently.