Mon | Dec 4, 2023

We shall overcome challenges

Published:Friday | January 27, 2023 | 12:25 AM


The recent cry about “missing” money had me surfing the internet for the latest tunes that would have chronicled the present dilemmas. To my surprise there is a song by Larry Marshall, decades ago titled Is Whey Deh Money Deh? In the song the protagonist cautions the lady in his life that it takes money to acquire the big house and big car. The singer also laments that “when you don’t have money, life funny”. The song is repetitious, giving a soothing calming philosophy to comfort those penniless.

We are raised by Buju Banton’s “We are blessed... money follow we like bees, so dem ah guess. “We ah try move out ah de shack, God light shine on we in our quest”.

Even as we search for money, Vybz Kartel’s words resonate, “Money mi a look a weh yo deh? ... Bank book haffi big like Sunday Gleaner ... Jamaica people real survivor, Could a be a igler or taxi driver”.

The resilient spirit of the Jamaican shall surely overcome.