Sun | Apr 2, 2023

Readers’ Reactions

Published:Tuesday | January 31, 2023 | 12:09 AM

Window closing – Local gov’t elections set to be postponed again, EOJ not ready for February deadline

“We cyan manage no more corruption. Thank God!”

– @Yhie_Yhan

“Only in Jamaica they don’t respect democracy; this Jamaica needs shake up.”

– @delstarz

“I want y’all to know that those in the position currently have been serving for almost 10 years now. We need to look into a two-in-one election system going forward.”

– @iamwilsonx

“Guess they’re trying to regain the trust of Jamaicans. It’s funny how they couldn’t postpone general election in the midst of the pandemic, but they keep postponing local elections. Is there something that the people of Jamaica should be aware of?”

– @GullyFaEva

“Really, PM @AndrewHolnessJM, how come? It must take place, because it has been long overdue.”

– @BossSwaggerific

“We should be concerned.”

– @ethooBRoiraM

“This is madness. Jamaica’s democratic system is under attack. They continue to make a mockery of our constitutional rights as a people. Vote out this abusive and uncaring government!”

– Will Ryan Wilson

“Why were they not training people ahead of time? If it is due, why wait until the Budget is approved? February month end is 30 days away, it can be approve at any time. Now dem a talk ‘bout workers won’t be trained in time. Common sense nuh really common no more. Is it that they need a budget fi training, too? Campaigning a gwaan long time, so why EOJ couldn’t start train people long time, too? Everything Government alone get blame, yet we ignore the government employees who a try mek Government look bad, when a dem fail fi do dem job.”

– Moore Pauline

“Is that even constitutional? It’s funny that they held general election in the midst of the pandemic.”

– Real Rich

“What are rules, regulations and Jamaican laws for if our own Government cannot, or will not, honour them? Everyone needs to be law-abiding, or don’t bother telling people to comply. A delay or another postponement outside of the current legislation on the books can equally suggest that the Government knows they are in trouble, specifically regarding who might win this electoral cycle. Let us honour our voting laws, even if we may not like the results from the citizens of Jamaica. I am sure many can agree.”

– Kevin Barrett

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel