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Published:Friday | February 3, 2023 | 12:07 AM

Jamaica willing to send police, soldiers to Haiti to help restore peace

Indeed, fully support a CARICOM-led intervention to Haiti. It’s long overdue, no matter how small the assistance it. – @DefydiOdds

I hate to break it to him. Having lived and worked in Haiti and later with fisherfolk from Haiti, him late. This has been brewing and impacting Jamaica’s crime for over 10 years. It’s vicious in Haiti, Holness cannot mediate this. [It is] bigger than him. – @brownin007

Man, sort out Jamaica first! – @queenmiserable

Dance a yaad before yuh dance abroad. – @Robbiedehya

All for helping Haiti, but, we need to fix what is going on here first. – @akimehno

Can you get Jamaica under control first, so that you can be taken seriously? – @warndem

And violence is barely under control here. – @PrettyDiverBee

He can’t fix Jamaica (his house), but you want to help fix a next man’s house. – @kingsugar85

I’m sure Jamaica never tell you that Uncle Andrew. – @Ms_Bhalai

For everyone who is criticising these actions y’all really don’t understand the severity of this situation. If Haiti right out collapses, Jamaica will feel the effects. We must help our neighbours restore stability. Jamaica does have a crime problem, but it is nowhere near Haiti. – @tunus17

To those thinking that we should mind our own business needs to remember that Haiti’s business is our business. When chaos a gwaan over deh, a yasso dem a forward inna dem canoe. – @Maestro55941920

What the government should be doing is to communicate with France and see what they can do. It was once their territory. – @Projectjamaica

He can’t be serious right now, can he? Is he familiar with the country he is the prime minister of? Asking for a friend! – @FrogmoreR

I think we need to deploy our forces in the most volatile communities. Deploying more police officers in the urban and metropolitan area. Other Caribbean nation with far lower crime rate than Jamaica should send troops to Haiti. – @Dunnyjad5072

Will Jamaica take in refugees from Haiti? – @JohnLilburne4

I get it that Haiti needs assistance, but they’re obviously going to get it from countries with a lot more resources and manpower than Ja. Why do we need to send military aid when we need it, especially with the upsurge of violence across Ja. – @damion_leroy

What about Jamaica? You need to seek international assistance to fight the crime a yuh yard first, sir. Leave people business alone, because all now no crime plan you all put in place never seems to work. – @Divaleesue

We need outside law enforcement intervention here. And we are concerned about law enforcement in Haiti? That’s like being concerned about your neighbour’s yard being unkempt while yours looks like a scene from Sanford & Son. – @kentgammon

I hope Haiti is ready to send troops to deal with the ongoing violence in Jamaica. – @public_archive

­– Reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter page. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel