Tue | Mar 21, 2023

Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | March 17, 2023 | 12:16 AM

Teachers accept wage offer

The first wage offer was what I accepted. This wage offer was accepted by the principals and Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA). KMT time for teachers to see past JTA because they are representing themselves, not us. – @gods_gift_100

If the decision was not in favour of the teachers what do you think will happen, the teachers are going to keep migrating. Bottom line, they have options - @graceful_love_life

The JTA was never in negotiations for the mass of the teachers, they were negotiating for the principals and the vice principal’s. Dem sell we out again! JTA don’t care! Big time sell dem be! – @delarno04

Teachers migrate and leave this country for a better life and wage. If unu want stay here and scrape for scraps then don’t cuss and complain, it’s obvious this government doesn’t care. Cause I perceive this as blatant disrespectful and dismissive behaviour. Dem nuh care bout unu or unu vote so stay deh ! JTA is just another political tool! – @_the_contrarian_

You all know what you need to do, teachers are needed worldwide –.get on the plane and take off. When they have to get teachers from elsewhere, they will have to find the funds to pay them. – @brownsuga_suga

Our teachers are being abused by the Government, parents and children. They deserve so much more, without our teachers what will be the future of our Jamaican children. – @Star Williamson

So are you saying that these teachers accepted to go without benefits, instead have the benefits money added to their salary, then have it taxed, and end up going home with even less than they were previously getting? That’s the deal they accepted? – @Kashima Cunningham

We are convinced that the JTA is a major embarrassment to our teachers. Thus far this is one of the best government wage offers to our teachers. Unfortunately, the JTA took their negotiations to the doors of partisan politics. – @Joel Michael Levy

All the noise weren’t coming from majority of the teachers, those who were making all the noise were politically influenced. Most teachers think for themselves and use their head, the country is still in recovery mode. – @Gattusofiremug Kat

And I won’t stop reiterating that teachers who have their degrees for more than two years should go and seek jobs in other countries that will give them a little money for the stress. England US and [other countries in] the Caribbean, you have a choice! – @Truly Blessed Marshie Channer

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. Compiled by Kashauna Atkins