Mon | Jun 5, 2023

We need deliverance from evil powers

Published:Monday | May 22, 2023 | 12:42 AM


The words of our national anthem is a prayer and whether or not one admits it, it’s to God; not just some divine being, but the one ‘Eternal Father’. That prayer symbolises hope in a time of crisis and voices a cry for help when our hearts can’t find the words.

In the past 61 years, events/circumstances have tweaked the meaning of this anthem and, indeed, it has meant different things to each generation since its inception. Each crying out to the Eternal Father with the same words, but for different needs.

Prayers helped us through COVID-19 and now, it will help us the through these turbulent times where corruption and scandals are at all-time high. Never before has any prime minister been so belligerent towards his own people and outwardly aggressive in his stance. Since the 2020 election he has distanced himself from us. We can no longer recognise ‘BroGad’ any more.


The song Government by Chronic Law has the lines ‘Government badness, Andrew Holness’. These words are not far from the truth. Whenever a political leader is so bent on consolidating power, to the extent that the armed forces are at their fingertips, democracy is under threat.

Never before, since the time of Michael Manley, has this threat been more real; and never before as it come from a Jamaica Labour Party leader. The words of our anthem say, ‘Eternal Father bless our land, guard us with thy mighty hand. Keep us free from evil powers; be our light in countless hours. To our leaders, Great Defender, grant true wisdom from above. Teach us true respect for all. Stir response to duty’s call. Strengthen us the weak to cherish; give us vision lest we perish. Knowledge send us Heavenly Father, grant true wisdom from above. Justice, truth, be ours forever, Jamaica land we love’.

These words are more than a poem, it is the cry of a people. Now more than ever Lord, we crave your justice and truth. We call for your wisdom from above. Not just for us Lord, but for our leaders also. Stir within them and us a patriotic spirit, each to do his duty in advancing the welfare of Jamaica. Now more than ever we need deliverance from the evil powers of corruption, autocracy, and violence; we pray that the peace of God reigns, and that justice and truth prevail now and preside forever in Jamaica…land we love.