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Published:Friday | May 26, 2023 | 1:09 AM

Golding wants 40 per cent increase in income tax threshold

He’s been asking for this from his 2022 budget presentation. He’s not the only one to have asked for it. Economist Damien King asked for 50 per cent. Even the government has said they are considering it. – @kamlanichkole

Why is the Opposition asking for the increases to be retracted? All they have to do is decline to take up their new salaries and the same effect and outcome is achieved. Don’t wait on this “stubborn” government to retract it, just decline to accept it! What is stopping them now? – @Zemi66

Ah lang time him ah say dis. Love him consistency. Man wid ah heart. – @Nzinga70805054

Finance Minister alluded to this many times prior, saying he will look into it, CAPRI called for 50 per cent prior. Good to see something that couldn’t work initially being endorsed still. – @harris_de

This has been a consistent call by Mark. It’s not new and it’s valid.– @mamachell

This will not help with the rate of inflation. It’s only going to move it to another digit and they will have to find somewhere else to put what they lose in revenue. – @beandrew

I have been asking for the income tax threshold to increase, as this will make us go home with more disposable income. Golding late to the party, but a good idea – $ 2.1 million. – @shauna.bryan.3133

I welcome this! The working class population really needs a break. We bear most of the burden in taxes! A tax break is necessary! – @prettysimplehumble

Come with the figures before we can take you seriously. How much will this cost the country? Where will the funds come from to take care of the shortfall? I am weary of these blanket statements, without the monetary breakdown. We do not want to go back to the days of statement like these for political expediency only and the country pays dearly in the long run. We who have felt it know it. – @observerobjective

Take five per cent off the tax rate also. It too high. Mi a pay too much tax for y’all not to be doing anything with it. - @boothe.conroy

Yes. This needs to be done. Threshold needs to increase man. – @the_main_prize

This is foolish in so many ways. Anyone who understands economics knows this is nonsense and posturing. But people will eat up anything these days and feel content. SMH. - @youngvee38

Mark I respectfully disagree, just like how we can’t afford the massive increase in salaries for the political class we can’t afford to give up more taxes (that much anyway). - @diego__mac71

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