Sun | Oct 1, 2023

Let dogs be allowed in apartments

Published:Monday | May 29, 2023 | 12:14 AM


I read the beautiful and entertaining article from Tony Deyal in The Gleaner of Saturday, May 27. He did a great job explaining how important dogs are in man’s life. However, after recognising the huge impact these pets have, the article has no question on when the Strata Corporation will change their policies regarding pets in apartment complexes.

I was abroad for years and I saw how pets were the company to many elders who live alone. For many, the dogs are their companions. And of course, I recognise how important it is for children and teens to be able to grow with pets.

There, people can keep dogs and cats in their apartments, and the complexes have a designated area for these pets to visit and do their things. In Jamaica, despite the insecurity of living in stand-alone houses, and the high cost of having a town house, these two are the only options for you to have a dog living with you.

How difficult can it be to understand that a dog can save someone’s life; be the best company and help delay mental issues in elders; avoid depressions and anxiety in teens; and develop good feelings in children, and many more facts?

Dogs are best friends to men; however, in Jamaica, if you live in an apartment, your best friend cannot live with you, or even visit.

I believe that the by-laws really need reviewing; and someone needs to speak in favour of our best friends, the dogs.