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Lascelles Chin stood tall as entrepreneurial giant

Published:Tuesday | May 30, 2023 | 12:28 AM
Lascelles Chin
Lascelles Chin


Lascelles Chin, executive chairman of LASCO Affiliated Companies, stood tall as one of Jamaica’s tenacious philanthropists and entrepreneurial giants. His passing, undoubtedly, will !eave a void in the business community.

Lascelles Chin was no ordinary businessman. His quest for business adventure started as early as 1956. “By 1958, he began importing black pepper from Asia and peas from Portugal and the United States.” His enterprise was so successful that it led him to becoming the island’s largest trader of black pepper.

Mr Chin became a household name when his products began to be widely consumed not just locally, but abroad. He is to be commended for his humanitarian move when he became the face of enabling affordable medication for the poor. He also gave hope to persons infected with HIV whereby they could have access to the antiretroviral medication, this at a time when such a medication was costly and persons lived in fear of dying should they not be treated or be able to afford the medication.

An unwavering show of love and dedication to country and people are also evident in its reach. Mr Chin ensured that a teacher, a principal, a nurse, and a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force were recipients of the annual LASCO awards for sterling performance in their fields.

A number of awards were conferred on Mr Chin, and deservedly so. Chief among these were the Order of Jamaica in 2001, The Gleaner Award for business in 2016, an honorary doctorate from the University of Technology, Jamaica in 2015, and the American Friends of Jamaica Award for International Achievement.

Rest well Lascelles.