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Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | September 15, 2023 | 12:05 AM

‘Big Stone’ has no regrets for wearing chains in PNP sketch

“I would not say from seven years though, because the sudden turn of disapproval started during his handling of the pandemic.” – @West93903335

“He should go and look what the word means. I’m free, so I’m not in any bondage.” – @browningbae

“Was it this man who really sparked the controversy? He did not put himself out there as a present/future leader. After all the backlash he had to be found to say something, even when it makes no sense. Shifting the spotlight from the disrespectful actors who say they want to lead.” – @Aneesor

“Merely having eyes and sight is not the same as vision. If ever we wanted to know what that looked like, look no further than this man here.” – @Zemi66

“Many reasons why world leaders will never take Jamaica’s governments serious; only see them as puppets to be used.” – @rukieflamez

“How white men come in all of this? And then we talk about people [being] racist when we are the most racist among ourselves. Wasn’t Edward Seaga white? Manley, white? Now, what’s with this ‘white man’ talk? How does the colour of the skin affect the country’s economic state? Crime rate? Etc.” – @myzz_gboss

“So the distraction worked; why couldn’t PNP show exactly how they plan to make Jamaica better, with detail of how they’re going to do it, and not just talk.” – @chapschaps

“It was satirical. Absolutely nothing wrong. Oou lef’ Mark alone. He is one of the most honest and decent politicians about.” – @doreenmorgan80

“Where was the apology and the outcry when @markjgolding was referred to as ‘Maasa Mark’ by @drnigelclarkeja? – @ksuebryan

“One thing I can say is, I thought us young people would abandon JLP and PNP and give the other parties a chance, so we can see if any better would be there. But it seems some of us are still sticking with who our older generation voted for.” – @freca__miller

“So, [a] quick question, you think the PNP going to be better? – @thafatdad3

“Both parties are the same, dude! Don’t you know Jamaican history?” – @3verton1

“Michael Manley was not a white man but a true Jamaican, a son of the soil. He never saw himself as high-class, but a Jamaican who wanted his country to walk through this world on its feet and not its knees.” – @terriclaudeanglin

“Well bredda, uno use the wrong method, bcuz it’s not going down well at all.” – @lisariffic2013

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel

“Why didn’t you let a black man open it?” – @djnattyp

“They don’t like when the realities of our lives are broadcast to the masses. I see nothing wrong with what they demonstrated on stage.” – @kimone560

“Listen to this man and his sad excuse! Now expound on the bondage you speak that Andrew has you under. Y’all should be shamed. Government giving handouts is not the solution.” – @talk.mimind

“PNP, JLP. The complaints have always been the same. Price high, crime high, and poor people need more resources. What else is new?” – @paul_bestdeal_jones

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel