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Readers’ reactions

Published:Monday | September 18, 2023 | 12:06 AM

Editorial | Constitutional discourse

“It’s way past time to leave the Privy Council and also become a republic. For all those opposed, we have outlived our welcome. Dem waan wi fi liiv. Dem nuh waan badda wid wi problems. So let’s get it going. I am so disappointed that the PM isn’t driving this issue. Both are legacy-defining issues that would secure his place permanently in our history. Apparently, he just wants to be another mediocre PM who came, did his duty, and left. I hope that the next PM, if this one fails will take us both issues because this colonial situation cannot continue or should not continue for much longer.” – Micah James

“Waan wi fi liiv”, and when our students are no longer able to speak and write proper English they’d need to take TOEFL tests before being admitted to any international university ... another hurdle to overcome. If Jamaica abandons the Privy Council international business will look less at investing in Jamaica because it will seem to have lost the judicial protection of a well-recognised legal institution; hopefully that makes sense. And why abandon or further urgently distance us from a country that many thousands of Jamaicans line up to visit and migrate to?” – realitycheck777

Readers’ reactions sourced from Gleaner Online.

Jamaica has been in a haste to change from a monarchy to a republic? It does not look that way to me since the country has been on this journey since 1975. The current process is not exhibiting haste and probably should not, because, as you indicate, for a required referendum, public education will be critical. I note article here today on executive president as just one of the many issues to be addressed in public outreach. Note also that no referenda held in the CARICOM region in recent times has been successful. – Cranberry