Fri | Dec 1, 2023

An appeal to Jamaicans

Published:Saturday | September 23, 2023 | 12:06 AM


Having listened to our chief servant addressing the official opening of the highway leg from May Pen to Williamsfield of Highway 2000, the emphasis that was done repeatedly defended the Chinese, who seemingly loan the money with a package that they should do the work. We as Jamaicans would like to know if it is consistent with our commitment to democracy to be trading with a country that practises a dictatorial way of life, a country that has often been accused for not been accountable. Countries like Canada and Australia had distanced themselves from China.

It should be carefully noted that Bouygues, a world-renowned company, had developed and constructed most of the cross-terrace roads throughout Europe and the United States. It is surprising to note the special emphasis being placed on China Harbour, noting that a portion of the North-East road between St Catherine and St Ann had to be dug up several times and, up to now, those roadways don’t seem to be up to standards.

I must make myself abundantly clear that any attempt to contravene the will of the people of this country, the unseen power, through the mysteries of His Son, Our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ, will act as he has done in the past with numerous servants who had tended to have their own ways and became dictatorial.

I beg of our politicians to desist from self, and pray unceasingly that they be guided accordingly.