Fri | Dec 1, 2023

Inconsistent garbage collection in Duhaney Park posing problems

Published:Tuesday | September 26, 2023 | 12:06 AM


Last year, the residents in the Kingston and St Andrew Metropolitan Area were promised a solution to the ongoing garbage collection problems, this included getting 50 new garbage trucks. The assurance was that this procurement would lead to a 50-per-cent reduction in complaints, offering residents the consistency they had longed for. Coupled with the repair of 34 existing units to bolster the agency’s collection capacity, it was expected that consistent garbage collection would become a reality.

The early months of 2023 did indeed show promising signs; in some residential areas garbage was being collected twice a week. However, the current scenario paints a different picture. Many areas in Duhaney Park have experienced a complete absence of garbage trucks for over two weeks. This has resulted in piling up of garbage and the unsightly, unsanitary issue of scattered rubbish due to stray animals. The irony is that the sound of garbage trucks can often be heard on the main road and in adjacent communities, while some communities are left with their trash untouched.

One of the most pressing concerns voiced by residents is the inconsistency in garbage collection in different areas of Duhaney Park. It raises valid questions about the structure and organisation of the collection process. Why is it that an avenue just a stone’s throw away can have its garbage picked up regularly, while others are ignored?

Many residents have resorted to dragging their garbage to the main road for collection, which is an inconvenience and, in some cases, an impossibility due to various factors such as age, distance from the main road, and physical limitations. The burden of ensuring consistent garbage collection should not fall solely on the shoulders of residents.

Duhaney Park’s struggle with inconsistent garbage collection remains a pressing concern for residents. The promise of 50 new garbage trucks and repairs to existing units offered hope, but the reality on the ground has left many disillusioned. To improve the situation, a thorough investigation into the causes of this inconsistency is necessary. Whether it’s a matter of logistics, equipment, or community-specific challenges, addressing these issues is crucial to fulfil the promise of consistent garbage collection for all residents of Duhaney Park. Only then can the streets be kept clean, and the community made more liveable for everyone.