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Readers’ reactions

Published:Tuesday | September 26, 2023 | 12:05 AM

‘I will not refuse’ – If the gavel is passed to St Andrew East Rural Member of Parliament Juliet Holness, she intends to have a firm grip on the reins of Parliament’s Lower House ...

Not a wise move, need someone else who may be perceived as more neutral, MP Morrison. – @PapersoldierJa

The right woman for the job. – @AstuteFellow

No no somebody else not u. – @mclaren_kani

Imagine the wife of the PM being Speaker; the image it portrays of how parliament is one big family affair. And while I note as a Jamaican if she is called to serve she can, I just think it would be a hard optic to sell. – @retronagade

Very good choice. – Neil Walters

If she is the deputy then it’s only fair for her to be in the position now. We Jamaicans don’t like to see black female leaders. – Jamaica Snapshot - Eyeland Vibez

Very good or give it to Kerensia Morrison. I love females who are strong, firm and educated that can match-up with these men. – Badd English

Yes. I do hope she’ll be voted to be the new speaker. – Roger Roach

Support Mrs Holness. Strong black woman with education to back that. She can stand-up to these men in Parliament. – Andrew Thompson

No! Give it to Rhoda! – Simone Foster

Awesome choice. – Paul C. Distant

Younger people aren’t eligible? No offence, but the house have to much greys. – @paffilus_studios

Why are we commenting as if it is going to happen? Has it happened? – @governor_communications

Watch how mic agguh tun off. – @queenprincesslady

A very good choice. Although you’re the Deputy Speaker, you’ll do a very good job. – @allypeeee

I see the comments. sigh! Imagine the lady was democratically elected by the people of her constituency. I don’t know how the speaker and deputy speaker are chosen, but she seems like a no nonsense lady to me. The fact that she’s the prime minister’s wife does not make her incapable of performing fairly in any of those jobs. If we trust our democracy, we should trust that the systems that we put in place to make it work, actually works. The question is, do we trust the democratic systems that we have and if the answer is yes, there is no reason why she should [not] get the job if she is capable. – @lola_speaks_her_mind

Them so blatant and dry eye. When Jamaicans ago really take a stand?! – @namenamey123

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