Tue | Dec 5, 2023

Let’s demand a more humane approach to law enforcement

Published:Thursday | September 28, 2023 | 12:06 AM


I’m highly concerned about the use of lethal force by law-enforcement agencies. Recent events have raised questions about the role of our police force and the preservation of human life. In an era where many countries have abolished the death sentence, we must re-evaluate our stance on the police using lethal force. It’s crucial to prioritise non-lethal options, better training, and de-escalation tactics for law enforcement. One suggestion is that police officers should aim to disable suspects without taking their lives, for example, shooting below the waist. Decisions involving life and death should not rest solely with one police force. Waiting for a second opinion can help avoid impulsive actions in the heat of the moment, ultimately preventing potentially devastating and far-reaching consequences.

I also advocate for the police to allocate resources towards tracking and tracing suspects for safe arrests, rather than resorting to deadly force.

Individuals within law enforcement who abuse their power must not be protected by the law. Upholding the sanctity of life and ensuring accountability within police forces are essential steps towards building trust and promoting justice.

While I acknowledge the challenges law-enforcement officers face, there are alternative methods to de-escalate situations without deadly force. As we witness global criminal justice reform, we must re-evaluate our practices and policies.

In conclusion, it is important to scrutinise and reform practices that threaten the sanctity of life. Let’s advocate for change and demand a more humane approach to law enforcement.

Every life matters, regardless of their location in the world, whether it’s in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the United States of America, Asia, or anywhere else.

Beverley T. Mutandiro

Harrow, UK

Human Rights Activist