Wed | Nov 29, 2023

Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | November 17, 2023 | 12:08 AM

Man who helped to murder Paulwell’s daughter and her mother to spend at least 20 years in prison

“Not long enough!” – @Barbs_B1

‘For what instances in Jamaica’s law is a life sentence automatic?” – @RealRenk

“It should be 50 years behind bars.” – @Soupmaster17

“Why not life in prison?” – @rosebudjay

“Dat alone!?” – @Skillcole45

“Mi never know ‘justice’ cudda serve suh quick in dis country.” – @Jason_Mcpherson

“Only 20? For the brutal murder of not one, but TWO people?” – @KimNainOfficial

“He should be flung into a dark, hole never to daylight again. But I’ll accept the 20 years, because at least he gave up information (I certainly hope so).” – @_ImEnough_

“Would be good to profile the psyche of these criminals, and we have to start sharing pictures of the perpetrators.” – @MaestroPetrie

“Oh, that was quick.” – @EmpressJamz

“Hate when they plea guilty and get less time.” – @chantipantzi

“They all deserve 1,000 years with no parole.” – Palmer Trudyann

“That’s a slap on the wrist.” – Sonia Hunter

“That is not long enough; mum was still young and baby girl hadn’t started her life yet.” – Joy Ferguson

“A life all a dem must get.” – Arlene Arnold

“Twenty years! This nuh sound good.” – Yvonne Lloyd-Watson

“This is the quickest I have ever seen a sentence. KMT.” – MC Victorious Thomas

“Then that is it?” – Mellissa Everbless Levy

“He should get life without parole. What an insult to the families of the victims.” – Deon Headley-Johnson

“Twenty years for two lives. What foolishness is that? And he will be out and still have a lot of years ahead of him.” – Maxine Headley

“How you wrap your head around this? People wicked enuh!” – Tasheka Clarke Jesus

“Imagine, you kill baby plus mother and only get 20 years; come on judge, that’s unfair. The least he should get is 40 years.” – Opal Johnson

“Twenty years. Really. Why them never kiss him and let him go? Two hundred years would be more like it.” – Sonia Huie

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s X, formerly Twitter, page. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel