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Help! My son is depressed

Published:Tuesday | December 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Orlean Brown-Earle

Q. I went away last summer, and when I got back, my 17-year-old son was diagnosed with major depression. He stays in all the time, eats just enough, and will not talk about anything that may have happened to him. I have tried psychologists - only women, though. Do you think a male psychologist would make a difference?

A. Young men may respond to positive male figures more readily than to females. Please get an appointment with a male psychologist as your son needs help right now, and that may be the solution.

Q. My children, 19 and 12, are eager to be missionaries. Our church has a programme, but we are undecided. Should we follow our children's lead?

A. Your family needs to pray and fast and ask the Lord for His leading in this important matter. Sit together and weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision.

Q. We visited a hotel recently and my 15-year-old son was very passive in a situation regarding a rude waiter. My husband publicly called him a sissy. It has been a few months now and they barely speak to each other. How do I resolve this problem?

A. Share with your husband that the way he dealt with the situation was not the best. Let him know that he needs to resolve this situation with his son as he is teaching him how to resolve problems that may occur in any relationship.

Orlean Brown-Earle, PhD, is a child psychologist and family therapist. Dr Brown-Earle works with children with learning and behavioural problems throughout the island and in the Caribbean. Email questions to or send to Ask the Doc, c/o The Gleaner Company, 7 North Street, Kingston. Responses to concerns are to be considered as general as cases shared with psychologists privately would be queried more deeply. Pray always!