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How do I win back my son?

Published:Monday | July 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q My estranged husband turned up at my son's graduation taking pictures as if he paid any money for the last two years. I called him later that day and shared my wrath. My son is angry at me for being angry at his father. How can I win my son back?

A Simply share with your son the reason for your wrath. Be honest but do not share details. Try not to speak with your estranged husband when your son is around.


Lunch crisis


Q I have a picky daughter who has decided to be vegan (and may only eat a little meat but no pork). At 13, she is very health conscious. She has shared that her teacher told her that a lot of patty places use lard (pig fat) in their food preparation. Even though we do not eat a lot of meat, she will not eat patties anymore and that is all I can afford for her lunch. What do I do?

A Do the research and find out which patty places use lard. Then see if she will eat from the places that do not use pork products.


Worried ex-husband


Q I am thinking of remarrying. My possible wife has two girls and I have one girl the same age. Her ex now wants the children as he has shared that he is afraid I will abuse them. He cannot afford to care for them. What do we do?

A All three of you need to sit and discuss the way forward. Ensure that you can make it clear that you will not harm the girls in any way. Allow the girls to visit their father as often as possible.

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