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SIMRU for Carnival Henna by Rebecca Rowe

Published:Thursday | April 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall

HENNA TATTOO and body painting guru Rebecca Rowe knows just what to do to make you fall completely in love with henna and will have you wanting to add them to your carnival attire.

The spontaneous 21-year-old is a self-taught artist who spent most of her days researching and watching YouTube tutorials to learn the art of henna tattooing. She studies fashion illustration at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus.

After much practice and dedication, Rowe believes that every henna artist has a different interpretation of the craft. “You don’t have to be an artist to do hennas but I believe henna tattooing is like a mind game with no mistakes. It can be very challenging yet satisfying.”

Rowe expressed. Rowe’s passion for henna came about in high school during culture studies, where she learnt about accessories around the world and that henna art is used in the Indian, African, Middle Eastern cultures as a spiritual and fashionable accessory. She realised that neither the product nor the craft was done in Jamaica and wanted to make it a part of the country’s fashion.

After getting a hold of the necessary products , Rowe practised on friends and family until she learnt how to formulate henna in its powdery herb form into a soft paste with the perfect consistency for tattooing.

With henna being a unique craft, Rowe’s passion grows daily and made her a part of the few artists who have mastered the art. “I find henna pleasing to the eye and think it’s a very attractive body accessory. I believe it’s a great alternative to permanent tattooing,” she explained.

She often draws inspiration from patterns and designs on the Internet and in her surroundings. She then incorporates them into her own designs and makes them stand out by using special features like a client’s zodiac sign or mixing letters and shapes in the designs.

Through her business – Simru, which is Mongolian for henna – Rowe is able to fulfil her clients’ desires for special occasions or just for simple self-expression.

Rowe also designs and makes decor pieces for houses. She is a photograpgher who dances and dabbles in commercial modelling for various companies. She hopes to travel the world and expand her business out of the Caribbean, not only focusing on henna tattooing but also henna in all areas of fashion and lifestyle trends.

If you are interested in standing out in the crowd or adding some expression to your costume for the carnival, contact Simru.

Simru: Henna by Rebecca
Tel: (876) 591-5614
Instagram: simruhenna