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Catch A Fire- creating the life you want

Published:Tuesday | May 16, 2017 | 12:00 AMMark Titus
Angella Whitter (left), owner of Whitter Village and clinical child and family phycologist Dr Susaye Rattigan are all smile following Catch a Fire held at Altamont West Hotel in Montego Bay, recently.-Photo by Herbert McKennis
The group of participants in the recent "Catch A Fire" workshop.-Photos by Herbert McKennis
Clinical child and family psychologist Dr Susaye Rattigan is all smiles with Sasha-Marie Paul and Kerry-Kay Coote.-Herbert McKennis

Over the years renowned clinical child and family psychologist Dr Susaye Rattigan, have been staging female themed workshops, geared at inspiring them to be their best.

Catch a Fire, held at Altamont West hotel in Montego Bay recently, was no different.

“For years, I’ve been sharing a message that life is open to you and you can create the life you want,” Dr Rattigan told Lifestyle. “It is based on design thinking and the belief that life is a process in which you define a problem, come up with multiple solutions, and create multiple prototypes and test. Catch a fire is the workshop that my soul has been longing to teach.” Dr Rattigan continued, “this workshop is designed to give women a way to come up with an actionable plan, to give women practical tools they can use to craft their lives, their way. Such individuals don't have time for the things they want to have time for, neither do they feel good about themselves, but compensate by doing everything for everyone else, but they themselves feel unhappy, stuck or lost."

According to participant Carla Moore (lecturer in Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies, Western campus), the event was timely.  “This workshop made me understand how possible things are for me, and that’s something I think I lost sight of.” She added, “It made me think of other fun ways and brave ways I could live my life, and then it showed that what I needed most to have that kind of life was a plan. Catch a Fire was right on time to remind me that I am powerful, even if what I want doesn’t come easy.”

For Jennifer Barnes, the session has forced her to start thinking about charting her journey in life. “The direction of my journey is all up to me. This was very enlightening and I will definitely be recommending these workshops to others.”

Dr Rattigan’s next workshop — “From Survivor to Thriver,” which will be held on June 29, for women who have experienced sexual trauma and are struggling to forward with their lives.