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Father's Day vs single mother's Day

Published:Tuesday | June 20, 2017 | 4:41 PM

In the wake of Father’s Day (a day dedicated to celebrating fathers who play an active role in the lives of their child(ren)), an age old debate erupted on social media.

The debacle crossed over the gender borders to glorifying single mothers as fathers figures.

Leading up to the big day, many pleaded with their friends not to pull the same stunt they do every year — highlighting mothers on a day designed for fathers. They were supported by the comments which quickly followed suit. This, however, did not stop the broken hearted from filling the paternal void in their lives by paying tribute to a loving mother who is also a father. They were of course greeted by instant backlash. Here's what they argued:

-Men are hardly celebrated anyway, and on a day like Father's Day, there should only be room for one gender. Declaring single moms on Father's Day lessens the value of the love shown to great fathers who should be saluted.

-Mothers, it was also highlighted, were not fathers, nor could they ever be a father to their child. Aside from the genetic make-up, it would be difficult for a mother to play a role she wasn't ordained to. She is however, allowed to be called 'Super mom' and be publicly celebrated all year — just not on Father's Day.

-There is an actual Mother's Day, so there's no double standard there. As a matter of fact, Mother's Day is far more widely celebrated than Father's Day; and now they have to contend with tributes to single mothers on what should be dad's day.

-On the other hand, many responded that their mothers played both roles and deserve the recognition.

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