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Diaspora flashback

Published:Thursday | July 27, 2017 | 4:58 PM
American actress Victoria Rowell, noted for her role in Young and the Restless, shares the lens with Stephen Price, managing director of FLOW Jamaica at the Governor General Achievement Awards for the Diaspora at the opening ceremony of the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference on Sunday.-Contributed
The Ties have It! Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is greeted by with Stephen Price, Managing Director of Flow Jamaica at the Governor General’s Achievement Awards for the Diaspora.
Michael Lee-Chin (right), chairman of the Economic Growth Council greets Earl Jarrett, CEO of The Jamaica National Group, during day two of the Diaspora Growth Forum organised by The Jamaica National Group at the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference. -Contributed
Dr David Panton (left), Chairman of the Economic Growth Council's Diaspora Task Force, in conversation with John Tontelli, managing director and head of Debt Capital Markets and Syndication, Openheimer Inc., during day two of Diaspora Growth Forum. -Contributed

The Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference held at the Jamaica Conference centre, downtown Kingston closed on Wednesday. The event generation a lot of interest and headline. Here is a look back.