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What's Daddy's responsibility?

Published:Thursday | August 24, 2017 | 7:01 PM

It is back to school, and in the last-minute hustle and bustle, we are asking who really holds the responsibilities. What is the man's responsibilities for back to school?

• The man is the head of the family and, hence, he oversees the activities in the home. Most men give this responsibility to the women, which I believe is fine, but I believe he must be supportive and inclusive all the way.

- T. R., 35

• He must be involved in everything. He needs to provide money, school fee, books and uniform. Mommy should do minor stuff if she so desires.

- V. R., 25

n The man should provide the money and the emotional support.

- C. B., 29

n His responsibility is to drop off the wife and pick her up when she's finished buying.

- D. C., 40

n A man's role is to make sure that back-to-school needs are done in a timely manner and all the child's needs are met.

- L. R., 29

n Why is there a separation of the roles? There should be no separation.

- N. J., 32

n Mostly financial for even the men that are in the home, school fees, books and/or uniforms.

- T. L., 40

n Buy everything; pay everything.

- M. B., 29

n The expense must be shared equally.

- K. W., 29

n Get boys haircut. That's what most people would say, but my Larry does it all.

- A. L., 36