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Show him some love

Published:Wednesday | April 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson




When the occasion arises, some couples opt to say the following, 'We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because we show love to each other 365 days of the year.' But is this an excuse to escape the saturated season and ditch the merriment of gift giving?

Women are sadly guilty of this, demanding dinner and roses only to deliver lovemaking in return: doesn’t sound like a fair trade off for partners at all. The season has come and gone with the wind, but since you talk the talk of  tender loving care all year round, let’s have you walking that walk too.

Here are a few ways you can show your signature mister some love:


Link up drink up: Dating is essential to relationships, but it does not have to be so formal all the time. The point of being his girlfriend is to be his girl and his friend too. So, lighten his workload or ease a bad day by linking up with him and partaking of his favourite beverage. You could make an occasion out of it, or you can make the purchase and take the drinks home to him and chill. He likes it shaken not stirred, on the rocks or fresh from the bottle: be his mixologist and bartender and take that time to listen to his problems. This is a surefire way to make his day.

Massage therapy: Nothing is more calming or relaxing than a well needed massage. Not good with your hands? Well, treat him with a gift certificate to a spa for no reason other than, just because. Or make the bed your massage table, turn off those lights, light those candles and lather up his body with sweet scented oils.  

Boost his ego: Now this may sound crazy, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with boosting his ego. It might be bigger than it needs to be, but guess what: no one is on a high all the time. That’s where you swoop in and save his day. Shower him with personal compliments, for example, tell him how handsome he is and how attracted you are to him. Then elevate to professional levels, by sharing with him how valuable he is to his job... support his views and initiatives, encourage his hopes and dreams and motivate him to achieve them. After all, men find female 'ride or dies', hot!

Sexy snaps: He’s caught at work or studying for exams, surprise him with a sexy snap or two of yourself and engage in sultry convo. Let that be the teasing appetiser to his tantalising ‘main course’ (i.e. you) patiently waiting for him at home *wink*.

Small and grand gestures: Make his favourite meal - breakfast or dinner, fill his car with gas, play rubdown with him during Netflix and chill, shower or have a bath with him, give him some alone time when he gets home from work or when he’s super busy with work, or plan a trip to his dream vacation destination. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small: the sky’s the limit, he will appreciate it and he will love you even more for it.