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Trevor E. S. Smith | How to get more out of life

Published:Tuesday | June 19, 2018 | 12:00 AMTrevor E. S. Smith

Bored at work? Life-work balance out of line? Feel like you are expending energy on a treadmill? Are these and other issues putting a damper on your life? Is each new day just a change of the calendar? Have you been tempted to wonder if there is not more to get from life?

The staggering statistics pointing to the fact that most individuals are not engaged on the job raise the question of how much responsibility are we taking about being the best we can be.

Should we sit back and wait for our employers to get us excited about our jobs?

Are we taking a similar attitude to other aspects of our lives and waiting for something positive to happen, instead of taking control of our situation?




Each of us can extract more from life - regardless of our current status. The opportunity is available to us, our colleagues and loved ones.

I share a three-point plan to get more out of life: Look inside, look outside, do something.




Energy: Pause to reflect on a time when you felt energised. A period in which mornings could not come too early.

- What was it that held your attention at that time?

- In what ways is your current situation different from that time?

- Is there anything from that experience that could improve your current situation?

Interests: As you continue to look inside, what were your hobbies?

- What did you feel most comfortable doing?

- What became of those interests?

- Can any of those interests be relived today?

- Would they make a difference?

- What is required to make that happen?

Strengths: What is your most appealing quality?

- In the middle of all the challenges, what could you claim as an asset? Is there something that is going for you in the midst of the turmoil?

Focus for a while on one aspect of your life that could give you some degree of satisfaction.

- What if you worked at developing that area?

- What if you made a determined effort to spend more time exploring opportunities that might be linked to that aspect of your life?

What if you sought sound advice on options that might be open to you in that area?




A surprising feature of life is that one way to get something for yourself is to seek to give it to others.

For example, someone who is lonely benefits from offering companionship. Again, by reaching out to someone who is struggling in an area that you struggle, you might find solutions.

Consequently, one key to getting more from life is to set out on a mission to give of yourself.

Make a difference in the life of an individual or group!

This need not be a grand plan. The important thing is to reach out. Shift your focus from your issues for a while and consider what others might be going through.

It might be as simple as sharing that you are experiencing the same challenges.

Reach out to offer support to others who are seeking what you may be lacking. It might seem strange to suggest that you seek to offer what you do not have. Life is funny that way. When you have a determination to give, somehow your capacity and resources increase. It might not be in the way that you thought, but when you have the commitment, you will find a way to make a difference.




The simplest formula for getting more out of life is to take action.

If you want to succeed, start by sowing a seed.

So, sow the seed of self-examination. Get to know yourself better. Sow a seed by reaching out to others. Cultivate a spirit of willingness to support others in getting what you are seeking.

Sow a seed by being actively engaged. Take responsibility for your own situation.




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